Basement Building Code and Application Information For Erie, CO

When it comes to building permits we have found that every city is different and Erie, Colorado is no exception to that rule.  Because of this complication we have put together a list of information for you to easily read and understand. 

Where Do Permits Get Filed?

Permits and all related information are filed at the Planning and Development Department at the Erie Town Hall located at 645 Holbrook Street, P.O. Box 750 Erie, CO 80516.  

Basement Finishing Code Requirements – Erie, CO

Erie Town Hall

The city has provided us with a checklist of Key Code Requirements during building. 

  1. Emergency escape window required in each bedroom. Ladder required if window well deeper than 44”. One egress window required even if no bedroom is present. Max sill height 44”. Clear space of 36” from window to back of the window well.
  2. Minimum ceiling height is 7’, under beams & ducts 6’4” is permissible.
  3. All “habitable” rooms need glazing area not less than 8% with 4% minimum natural ventilation area of the floor area of those rooms. Otherwise the rooms shall be provided with artificial light and mechanical ventilation, such as 100 CFM fan, (where allowed).
  4. R-10 Continuous insulation or R-13 in wall cavities required at all exterior walls.
  5. Float all framed walls minimum 1.5” with spikes a minimum of every 24”
  6. ½” drywall fire taped under stairs and on walls under stairs if useable enclosed space.
  7. Smoke detectors are required in all bedrooms and halls central to bedrooms.
  8. Carbon Monoxide detectors required within 15’ of all bedrooms.
  9. Arc fault breakers throughout
  10. GFCI protection required for bathroom (20AMP dedicated & within 36” of lav.), GFCI required for unfinished storage areas
  11. Tamper resistant receptacles required throughout.
  12. Supply air and return air is required to and from all habitable rooms
  13. Bathroom ventilation required by operable window or mechanical fan
  14. Maintain 30” clearance in front of furnace for working space, water heater to be removable.
  15. High/low Combustion air required for all furnace & water heaters, High within 12” of ceiling. 1 sq inch per 2000 BTU’s is required where combustion air is supplied via horz. ducts.
  16. Cement based or equal substrate for shower walls. “Water resistant” sheet rock not allowed.
  17. 21” clear space in front of toilet, 15” clear space minimum from center of toilet on each side.

You can download the list here: 

Basement Finish: Key Code Requirements List Download

Basement Finish Example –

Here is an example of what an example basement finish drawing looks like for the Erie, CO Planning and Development Department

Basement Finish Plans

Click the image above to see the basement drawing in full.


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