Adding A Wine Cellar To Your Basement In Erie, CO

wine cellar erie coloradoHave you contemplated adding a wine room to your basement? If so, you will need to consider the two situations that call for it – either a basement finishing or an entire basement remodel.

Adding a wine room is complicated but fairly straightforward if your basement is only in need of finishing. You may have the drywall and flooring completed but are looking for something to improve the overall mood and function of the space. Some simple upgrades like paint, proper storage racks, and functional lighting can contribute to the overall functionality of the room.

There will be more things to consider if your basement is in need of a remodel with structural needs including electrical, plumbing, or even proper ventilation. The operational needs of a remodel can be tricky and may require professional knowledge of building codes and complex construction procedures.

No matter your circumstances, a professional basement finishing or remodeling company can help you add your ideal wine cellar to your home.

Benefits Of A Basement Wine Room

For those who have a substantial wine collection, there are many benefits to adding a wine room to your basement remodel. First, a wine room protects your investment. Have you invested a good deal of money into your personal wine collection? Then you know it must be stored at a controlled and consistent temperature. This can be difficult in other areas of your house because, other than temperature, you must consider humidity, light exposure, and the proper storage angle in order to protect its integrity.

wine by the fireThe fact of the matter is, you certainly do not want to invest in good wine and watch it go to waste due to improper storage – especially if you have the opportunity to add a controlled environment wine room to your basement remodel. You want to protect your investment for years to come.

Secondly, did you know that adding a wine room will increase your home’s resale value? This increases your home’s value and will help your home stand out from surrounding properties. The added functional space to your home means the more value it contains. This will increase the desirability of your home should you ever wish to sell.

Also, the ability to store a large number of bottles at a time will give you the opportunity to buy wine in bulk. Just like most things, wine is cheaper when bought in large quantity. Therefore, a dedicated room provides the opportunity to invest in nice bottles at a reduced cost. Consider what future savings a wine cellar can offer when planning your remodel.


Basement Wine Room Ideas

A professional basement finishing and/or remodeling company can help you design a wine cellar specific to your home’s decor.

Basement wine cellars can showcase your collection with elegance and class while managing specific requirements to keep your wine from spoiling. Cutting down on lights and vibrations while maintaining a consistent specific temperature will ensure it will age to its optimal quality.

White and Red Wine GlassesDo you wish to entertain guests in your wine room? Do you envision an area where you can showcase your more valued and prized bottles? Do you hope to buy, sell, and trade bottles from the comfort of your very own home? A professional basement finishing and remodeling company can design the room to your specifications and create a space to meet your needs.

Another matter to consider is security. It goes without saying that some collectors wish to invest in the most expensive varietals on the market. An avid collector needs to keep their wine safe from theft, fires, floods and other natural disasters. It is important to consider the security of your investment. When working with a professional basement finishing and remodeling company, you have the opportunity to voice these concerns and ensure the safety of your collection.

The right basement finishing and remodeling company can help you consider all the options, develop a concept, and transform your space into a beautiful wine room which will be the envy of any collector. While you’re your planning for your basement wine room, you might also consider adding a basement home office or gym.

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