Residential Basement Remodeling Services Near Erie, CO

So you’ve found your perfect neighborhood right here in Erie, Colorado that you’ve spent your hard earned money and is now your place to call home.  Now it’s time to make it everything you ever wanted your home to be. From the kids play area to the new kitchen, you’ve worked hard to ensure that you have a home that is really your home. All that is left is your unfinished basement makeover.  

Sure you can use your basement for your laundry or for extra storage but what about that home theatre that you’ve always wanted?  What about that amazing wet bar for you to entertain your friends and family?  Think about your home theatre being the place to go for the next Super Bowl party in your neighborhood.  With the help from Affordable Basement Finishing Company you can have the best finished basement in your Erie neighborhood.  

Time to Build Your Remodeled Or Finished Basement?

Looking for a place to put a couple of couches, a coffee table, and your big screen television?  We can make your basement dreams come true quickly and easily.  If you’re looking for something more specific and trying to make the investment in your basement then take a look at some of the other great options that we can come up with for you. 

Transport Happy Hour Home

Imagine your friends hanging out around your very own home pub complete with a beautifully carved cherry wood bar back covered with cherished bar memorabilia and marble bar top housing a kegerator filled with your favorite beer! Suddenly, you’re transported to historic Londonas you cheers your pals and fill your new basement with laughter.

Are You a Sports Fanatic?

watching football on tv

Picture this, your favorite neighbors all walking their families over to your place for the big game and congregating around your 75″ T.V. on your brand new couches to catch the Super Bowl.  Everyone is coming to your house because you have settled for nothing but the best.  You’ve got the best T.V., the best food, and the best basement to enjoy it all in.  Your neighbor’s kid just dropped a hot wing on the floor?! No worries, just grab a rag and wipe it right off that beautiful finished wood flooring. The only question will be whether the neighborhood will be talking about the game or your amazing basement later!

Take Movie Night Home

Your daughter is away at summer camp and little Jonny is staying at a friend’s house for the night. Yes, you finally have a chance at a date night with your partner! Dinner was delicious but that’s not what you’re really looking forward to. The two of you giggle as you make your way down the stairs with your glasses of wine, swing open the black double doors, and enter your favorite room in the house.

The giant plush loveseat looks incredibly inviting as you pick up the remote and sink into the fluffy leather bliss. With a push of a button, the overhead lights dim and the velvet curtain draws back in front of you as your giant projector screen alights. You cue up the new romantic comedy your partner has been talking about and settle into your dream-like home theater.

A Whole New Spin On Gamenight

game nightMaybe you are more of the gaming type? There will never be a question of where game night is again when your board game group files into your new remodeled basement and stares in wonder at the beautiful dark wood long table scattered with different game options. You take drink orders as your good friend Terry begrudgingly asks for a cocktail while stewing in utter envy. You drop back behind your bar, whip up a few cocktails, pour a couple beers, slide back to your table, and sit down at the head position; the king of your basement kingdom.

Your Basement Your Way

As you can see, your options are only limited by your imagination. Rock climber? Yeah, we can build a perfect training wall scattered with challenging foot and hand holds that will carry your toned limbs up and under the inverted basement ceiling. Golfer? How about splitting off a long section and laying in a putting green or dropping down a screen for a driving simulator?

Do It Right And Hire Trained Professionals!

Our design team specializes in helping you discover that dream basement that has been marinating in your thoughts for years while our construction crews will bring it to fruition with minimal obstruction to your everyday life. Affordable Basement Finishing sources only the best materials while keeping within your budget. We pride ourselves on creating the best finished basements in and around Denver. It’s never too late or too early to get rolling on that perfect basement to amaze your friends. Call us today and start your journey towards manifesting your favorite room in the house!